Improved version of Zaf's DDoS Deflate script
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(D)DoS Deflate

This simple shell script will block IPs at the firewall that are found to have too many connections under the presumption that they are part of a (D)DoS attack. The script supports auto-unblocking, email notifications, logging, a simple cron installer and reverse DNS.


  1. Clone this repo into /usr/local/ddos:

    sudo git clone git:// /usr/local/ddos
  2. Add your IP address to the whitelist:

    vim /usr/local/ddos/ignore
  3. Configure (D)DoS Deflate:

    vim /usr/local/ddos/ddos.conf
  4. Add the cron job (optional)

    /usr/local/ddos/ --cron


  • 7/21/2012 - Colin Mollenhour ( ** Installation procedure changed to git-centric ** Removed and