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Magento CE stripped down to a general-purpose framework.
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This project is based on Magento Community Edition (, but is otherwise not
affiliated with, sponsored by, endorsed by or supported by the creators and owners of Magento
(Magento Inc.).

This repository contains a stripped-down version of Magento to allow it to be used as a more general
purpose framework or CMS. Therefore, all functionality relating to shopping carts has been removed.

The licensing will not be changed (OSL/AFL). See

Specific Goals

  1. Remove shopping cart-specific functionality. This includes Customers, Sales, Quotes, Catalog, Reviews,
    Tags, Wishlists, Checkout, etc..
  2. Keep all other functionality intact. In cases where the removal of other modules create conflicts,
    they are fixed with the most minor modifications possible so that tracking upstream will be as easy as possible.
  3. Maintain backwards-compatibility with Magento so that Magento modules that are not shopping cart-specific may still
    be usable and modules built on this repository could be used with Magento.

Current Status

  • Current upstream version: Magento Community Edition
  • Overall state: functional though not thoroughly tested
  • Installation completes successfully.
  • The home page renders (default theme sans the content) and CMS works.
  • The admin interface functions with the following main menu items present:
    • Dashboard (blank)
    • CMS
    • System
  • Url Rewrite Management was moved from Catalog to CMS menu.
  • The following modules are enabled by default:
    • Core
    • Directory
    • Dataflow
    • Page
    • Install
    • Admin
    • Adminhtml
    • Cron
    • Cms
  • The following modules are present and operational but disabled by default:
    • Api
    • Eav
    • Backup
    • Media
    • Index
    • Compiler
    • Widget
  • A new module Mage_Lite was added to handle any changes that must be made that can’t easily be handled by copy/modify.
  • The concept of Websites and Stores remains unchanged, but you can think of a “Store” as something else or simply ignore it with no adverse effects.

Kudos to Magento for creating such a great framework and keeping it only loosely coupled with the application it
is bundled with and designed for! So far no source code within core directories has been modified. Only a few
files were overridden and copied/modified under app/code/community/Mage to fix issues due to dependencies
on removed modules.


  1. Clone this repository to a directory within your web root.
  2. The Zend Framework is included as a git submodule so it must be initialized:
    1. $ git submodule update --init
  3. Copy .htaccess.sample to .htaccess and modify as necessary:
    1. $ cp .htaccess.sample .htaccess
  4. Make var, media and app/etc directories writable:
    1. $ chmod -R go+rwX var media app/etc
  5. Visit the web root in your browser to start installation.
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