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ECED3204 - Microprocessors Labs

This GIT repo contains labs + associated files for the ECED3204 Course at Dalhousie University. Be aware that if you are a student in this course, the professor may have modified these files and reposted them elsewhere (i.e. on their own website or BBLearn). This repo is mostly for my own use, but I've made it public in case someone finds the reference material useful or wishes to modify it.

These labs will also be useful for the ECED3901 students using the same ATMega644A baseboard. Students in the ECED3901 course should use these labs to familiarize themselves with the material.

A handful of the labs have associated videos, see This Youtube Playlist. Be sure to switch videos to HD mode if you want to read on-screen text and similar!

These labs loosely follow the course textbook ("the atmel avr microcontroller mega and xmega in assembly and c"). This book is not required for the labs, as there are many many useful online resources with the same information.