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Friday Shots


  1. The competition begins every Friday promptly at beer o'clock (once at least one person has opened a beer and it is 4:00pm or later).
  2. Anyone in the office at the time of the competition can participate.
  3. No practice shots can be taken once the competition begins.
  4. Each participant gets to take one shot after paying the $1 entry fee. All fees must be paid
    prior to the first shot.
  5. All shooters who hit the bell will split the pot.

Bell Strikage Success Criteria

  1. The participant must have both of his or her feet on the ground, behind the orange tape. The tape must always be lined up with the line in the ceiling that bisects the smallest office's door.
  2. The participant must use one of the two original nerf guns or one of the two orange ones. Only the black-tipped whistler darts can be used.
  3. The dart must strike either the bell's chain or its body, but importantly not the piece of metal attached to the wall or the hinge connecting the bell to said piece of metal.
  4. Only bank shots off the back wall (the wall the bell is attached to) count as a hit unless the shooter calls "bank". If the shooter calls bank then non- bank shots don't count. Hitting anything other than the back wall disqualifies the shot.

Friday Shots Enhancement Proposals (FSEPs)

FSEP 1. Ideally we would have about one winner per month so there's been discussion of making the shot harder. The most obvious way to make it harder is to move the tape further away from the bell.