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An LED light installation created by the Sullivan family!
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This is the code repository for the "Joylight" project, an LED light installation created by the Sullivan family. For more information about the project itself, see my Joylight post.

Joylight Animation

Getting Started

To run this code, you'll need Node.js installed.

Install dependencies:

$ npm install

With Fadecandy server running, start the main.js file:

$ cd src/
$ node main

Running the OPC simulator

To run the simulator, first download and build OpenPixelControl:

$ git clone
$ cd openpixelcontrol/
$ make

Then from the joylight/ directory, run the simulator pointing to the star layout:

$ ./openpixelcontrol/bin/gl_server ./assets/star_layout.json

Now when running the main script, pass the SIMULATOR environment variable because the light layout is slightly different in the simulator:

$ cd src/
$ SIMULATOR=1 node main

And that's all! Hurray!

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