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State synchronization between a replica SuperCollider state store and a primary Redux state store.
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State synchronization between a replica SuperCollider state store and a primary Node.js Redux state store.

Using supercolliderjs and the API quark, a primary store set up in Node.js forwards state updates to a replica running in sclang. The primary store can also receive actions dispatched from sclang (uses a separate OSC channel).

When actions are dispatched from sclang to the replica StateStore instance, they are passed up to the primary Node.js store via OSC, any reducers written in Node.js can update the state which will then be forwarded back to the replica. The primary / replica design promotes all state changes written as reducers in Redux, centralizing the state in the Node.js process.

SuperCollider Classes

In the quarks/supercollider-redux directory, there are some helper modules:

  • ReduxTempoClockController: This is a wrapper for TempoClock which will take a tempo from the Redux store.
  • ReduxEventStreamPlayer: This is a subclass of EventStreamPlayer which will dispatch actions each time an event from the stream is played. Very useful for modifying other state based on the playback of a Pattern, for example.

JavaScript Classes

  • SCStoreController: Initializes the replica state store in SuperCollider and forwards state changes to it.

Use Cases

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