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Added a general Git workflow link.

As suggested by @pagojo I've added a link to a guide that describes the various
steps of contributing to Github projects.

Issue: #33

Signed-off-by: Yorick Peterse <>
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1 parent 5ecdb93 commit df6bd77b466b0495d5b51de7b5afeb47981b678b Yorick Peterse committed Mar 2, 2012
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@@ -4,6 +4,10 @@ Everybody is welcome to contribute to Ramaze and/or the guide. This guide is
meant to be a starting point for those interested in contributing code, writing
documentation or advertising Ramaze.
+A small guide containing details about the general workflow of Github projects
+can be found [here][workflow]. If you're new to Github/Git it's recommended to
+read this guide (as well as the various Github help pages).
## Coding Standards
* 2 spaces per indentation level for Ruby code.
@@ -174,3 +178,4 @@ file and a PNG of which both are displayed below.
[cc license]:
[logo svg]: _static/logo.svg "The logo in SVG format"
[logo png]: _static/logo.png "The logo in PNG format"

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