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# from pytest import raises
from plywood import PlywoodString
from plywood.scope import Scope
from . import assert_strings
def test_interpolation_1():
s = PlywoodString(0, 'testing {{"strings"}}')
assert_strings(s.python_value(Scope()), 'testing strings')
def test_interpolation_2():
s = PlywoodString(0, 'testing {{self.vars}}')
assert_strings(s.python_value(Scope({'self': {'vars': 'da_vars'}})), 'testing da_vars')
def test_interpolation_multiline():
s = PlywoodString(0, '''
testing {{
if self.vars:
}} is fun
assert_strings(s.python_value(Scope({'self': {'vars': 'da_vars'}})), '''
testing da_vars is fun
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