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I couldn't get Three20 Launcher to work, but then I thought "really, how hard could this be?"

This is half of the result. The other half is Iconned.

"Typewriter" is able to accept any type of view, not just "app launcher" views. It is a generic "box model" view.

It doesn't do any drawing of its own, outside the usual UIView drawing code.

It has one feature: as you add subviews, it will "type" them from left to right, like a typewriter, dropping to a new line when the width of the next view exceeds the typewriter's frame.size.width.

To use this as an app launcher, just use an appropriate view for the subviews, and set some reasonable margins and spacing! Same goes for an image gallery.


You can set spacing between views:

view.spacing = 10
# same as:
view.vertical_spacing = 10
view.horizontal_spacing = 10


You can set top, left, and right margins. You can set a bottom margin, too, but it doesn't do anything right now (not until scrolling or pagination are implemented)

view.margin = 20
view.top_margin = 20
view.bottom_margin = 20
view.left_margin = 20
view.right_margin = 20


With centering enabled (and it is, by default), the view will be offset so that it is centered.


Typewriter is not a grid-layout, though it can easily be tricked into acting like one. Using the min_width and min_height attributes can give you a grid layout, if you calculate those ahead of time based on your views, or if you know what they are ahead of time.


  • Pagination
  • Scrolling