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A jquery custom content scroller (horizontal and vertical)
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malihu custom scrollbar plugin

This is a copy slighlty modified of the original jquery plugin, created by Malihu. You can find the original version, demos, examples and documentation on the official page

This version is modified to have a more complete options mechanism with inheritance. There are 3 major changes:

  • plugin declaration: all options are passed in an object
  • all elements manipulated can be overrided by options
  • mouseWheelSupport and scrollBtnsSupport options are now true/false and no more yes/no


Examples of declaration (modified from the original)

  mouseWheelSupport: true,
  scrollBtnsSupport: true,

  scrollType: "horizontal",
  animSpeed: 300,
  easingType: "easeOutCirc",
  mouseWheelSupport: true,
  scrollBtnsSupport: true,
  customScrollBox_container:  $("#my-big-container .s-container"),
  customScrollBox_content:    $("#my-big-container .s-content")

Please refer to the code to have a full list of options.

Minimize it

curl \
  -d output_info=compiled_code \
  -d compilation_level=SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS \
  -d code_url= \


The original license is CC-BY-3.0

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