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malihu custom scrollbar plugin

This is a copy slighlty modified of the original jquery plugin, created by Malihu. You can find the original version, demos, examples and documentation on the official page http://manos.malihu.gr/jquery-custom-content-scroller.

This version is modified to have a more complete options mechanism with inheritance. There are 3 major changes:

  • plugin declaration: all options are passed in an object
  • all elements manipulated can be overrided by options
  • mouseWheelSupport and scrollBtnsSupport options are now true/false and no more yes/no


Examples of declaration (modified from the original)

  mouseWheelSupport: true,
  scrollBtnsSupport: true,

  scrollType: "horizontal",
  animSpeed: 300,
  easingType: "easeOutCirc",
  mouseWheelSupport: true,
  scrollBtnsSupport: true,
  customScrollBox_container:  $("#my-big-container .s-container"),
  customScrollBox_content:    $("#my-big-container .s-content")

Please refer to the code to have a full list of options.

Minimize it

curl \
  -d output_info=compiled_code \
  -d compilation_level=SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS \
  -d code_url=https://raw.github.com/colinux/malihu-custom-scrollbar-plugin/master/jquery.mCustomScrollbar.js \


The original license is CC-BY-3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/