Aria2 with Aira-Ng web UI
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Aria2 with Aira-Ng web UI.

Brief Introduction

  • Use Apline:latest as base image, full image only 18Mb.
  • You can edit aria2 config file out of the image.
  • Use Aria-Ng as aria2 web ui, it seems much more beautiful.
  • Use darkhttpd as http server, it's very small(Only 36K after complied) and easy to use.


git clone
cd aria2-ariang
docker build -t colinwjd/aria2-ariang .


  1. Mount /DOWNLOAD_DIR to /aria2/downloads and /CONFIG_DIR to /aria2/conf. When starting container, it will create aria2.conf file with default settings.
  2. Mapping ports:
  • 6800 for aira2 service
  • 80 for Aria-Ng http service
  • 8080 for downloads directory http service
  1. Set your secret code use "SECRET" variable, this will append rpc-secret=xxx to aira2.conf file.

Run command like below(You may need to change the ports).

docker run --name aria2-ariang \
-p 6800:6800 -p 6880:80 -p 6888:8080 \
-v /DOWNLOAD_DIR:/aria2/downloads \
-v /CONFIG_DIR:/aria2/conf \
-e SECRET=YOUR_SECRET_CODE colinwjd/aria2-ariang

After finished, open http://serverip:6880/ in your browser for visiting Aria-Ng home page, open http://serverip:6888/ to browser your downloads folder.