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an easy event management rsvp tool for Contempo Media.

This is a simple event management tool built for Contempo Media.

Some requirements

  • Automatically approve guests whose emails are on our approved guest list, add them to db table and send them a confirmation email
  • Pull in more information about the user from our guest list and store in db table
  • Add unknown RSVPs to a separate table
  • Allow Contempo staff to view unknown RSVPs and either approve or deny them for the event
  • Allow Contempo staff members to upload the approved guest list
  • Allow Contempo staff to manually set the kind of event RSVP Type
  • If desired, let anyone rsvp for an email

How to Use

1. Clone the repo & install dependencies

In Terminal, cd into the directory and run the following commands:

  • npm install
  • composer install
  • gulp

2. Rename the sql files

  • Replace the **** with corresponding event name, e.g. rsvp_coach_0917.
  • Import into phpMyAdmin.

3. Update the config-sample.php and .env.sample files found in the config directory

  • Add the appropriate database env info for local and prod
  • Update BASE_URL env to match url folder on local and prod
  • Update db table names to match the sql files edited previously
  • Update event email info
  • Rename to config.php

4. Edit Event Info

  • Open event-info.php
  • Add pertinent event info based off of invite design
  • Coordinate with art if required. Some times it's easier to include some of this info as an one svg rather than html.
  • Update Sponosor logos

5. Style page as necessary

  • Open main.scss in the styles directory
  • Edit sass files as needed

6. Update confirmation emails

  • In email.class.php, ensure email functions are sending the appropriate copy to the guests and to staff
  • work with Art to update assets in the inc/emails directory
  • are the correct staff members receiving the unknown notifications, if applicable?

7. Prepare list

  • Make sure the CSV columns match the columns in rsvp.class.php and db.class.php
  • Guest Of, First Name, Last Name, Company, Prof Level, Email, Email Lowercase, Gender, VIP Type
  • Lowercase Email field is essential as it ensures a perfect match when user submits the form

8. Set Partner RSVP

  • If partners want to invite guests but won't provide their emails, rename the Open directory to the name of the partner
  • change the PARTNER_RSVP constant to TRUE


Make sure the event is functioning as intended with these manual test

1. List Upload & RSVP Type Change

  • Did the list Upload correctly? It should be in Admin/List/event-list.csv
  • is the RSVP Type changing in the DB? Are the messages displaying as expected?

2. Match: Single RSVP and Guest RSVPs

  • Are Match RSVPs functioning correctly? Added the the main dbTable, sent the appropriate email?

3. Unknown: Single RSVPs and Guest RSVPs

  • Are Unknown RSVPs being added to the Unknown dbTable? What confirmation message is displayed?

4. Duplicate Submissions

  • Duplicate entries should not be permitted. An 'Already Registered' confirmation screen should display.

5. Unknwnr: Approved

  • Approve someone from Unknwnr. Are they moved into main dbTable?
  • What email is sent?

6. Unknwnr: Denied

  • Reject someone from Unknwnr. Are they removed from the Unknown dbTable?
  • What email is sent?

7. Partner RSVP Landing Page

  • Set