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This is a lyrics scroller we built at zyozy for one of our projects.
It's got bookmarks, which are essentially logical times in the song for the scroller to scroll so that it's easy to sing along with.
Implement it using the simple options hash below; for more info, clone the repo or browse the files for some (rudimentary right now) documentation.
Options & Install
options: {
songLength: "3:00", // the length of the song in m:ss format.
bookmarks: [], // an array of times, corresponding to your paragraphs (see line #154 in lyrics.html)
playBtn: "lyrics-play", // HTML ID of play button element
lyricsDiv: "scroll", // lyrics div
flashId: "SoundPlayer", // HTML ID of flash element
autoPlay: false, // set to true for autoplay!
timeDisplay: "lyrics-time", // HTML ID of time display
scrollDuration: 2000 // duration of scrolling animation