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Repository for the miniIPIP test based on scores from Donnellan's paper.
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mini-IPIP test


The mini-IPIP test has been developed to identify the personality of Apache developers, based on this following paper:

Donnellan MB, Oswald FL, Baird BM, Lucas RE(2006). The mini-IPIP scales: tiny-yet-effective measures 
of the Big Five factors of personality. DOI: 10.1037/1040-3590.18.2.192

1. Cloning

$ git clone

2.1 DB Configuration

Edit the following configuration file:

  • myproject/cfg/config.yml - mysql database configuration
  server : mysql
  host: localhost
  user: root
  passwd: ****
  db: mini_ipip_db

2.2 Data configuration

To import question and answers into db, run following commands:

  • python makemigrations miniipip
  • python migrate
  • python loaddata db.json

3. Initial email configuration

Edit the following configuration file:

  • myproject/cfg/config.yml - Initial sending email, with setting of host, host user,host port and host password. It has been used the server smtp 'Amazon SES'
   email_from: ''
   email_host: 'secret'
   email_host_user: "secret"
   email_host_passwd: "secret"
   email_port: secret

4. Change admin password

To change the admin password go into website and paste after website name:

  • /admin Check 'Change Password' on top right,insert previous password and insert your new password. You can take the default password from:
  • myproject/cfg/config.yml
  username: admin
  passwd: collab-uniba

Then save your changes.

5. Send email into admin

To match the token created for every user, use this syntax into the text of email:

  • your-url-site/miniipip?id={0} It is automatically associated a token to take the test.

6. Information

Every e-mail in the admin is sent every 9 seconds
`The display of the progress to sending emails can be viewed every 10 seconds 
  (the page updates automatically every 10 seconds).
You will see a progress bar and a message to know on-time the sending-progress. 

Installation guide

1. $ git clone 
2. cd miniIPIP_test
3. virtualenv venv --no-site-packages
4. source venv/Scripts/activate
5. pip install -r requirements.txt
6. Edit file config.yml into this source myproject/cfg/
7. python runserver (optionally add port)
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