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SocialCDE for Eclipse is a plugin for all the Eclipse-based IDEs (e.g., Eclipse itself, Aptana Studio 3) that aggregates and displays within the workspace the social content shared by yourteammates’ on social networks. This plugin supports GitHub as code repository; Twitter, Yammer and StatusNet (both public and corporate) as microblogs; Facebook and LinkedIn as social networks. A version for Visual Studio is also available (

SocialCDE for Eclipse is part of a research project in the areas of Social Software Engineering and Global Software Development, led by the Collaborative Development Group ( at the University of Bari, Italy. These plugins have been developed to support our hypothesis that information shared on social media can work as a surrogate of the social awareness gained during informal chats, thus helping to build trust among members of global teams.

The project has got the Software Engineering Innovation Foundation (SEIF) Award from Microsoft Research in the 2011 competition.

Getting started


Release History

Varsion 0.1.0 available


Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL).