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Added info in readme file on how to recompute the trust coloring.

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@@ -128,3 +128,20 @@ DEPLOYMENT:
You should now see a trust tab. Click on it, or edit a revision, and
the trust of all revision text, and the reputation of all authors,
will be computed.
+It is possible at any time to recompute from scratch the trust
+coloring of a wiki. This can be useful, for instance, when some bug
+in the coloring code has been corrected, or when some new feature has
+been added.
+Obviously, this recomputation can be a time-consuming process on large
+The command is:
+ $ ./eval_online_wiki -delete_all -db_user <username> -db_pass <pwd> -db_name <db_name>
+Typical values for these parameters are:
+username: wikiuser
+db_name: wikidb

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