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Web application allowing to edit Scala symbols documentation.

This application is based on existing Scaladoc 2 sources converted into full featured web application using the Lift web framework. The application internally uses the documentation model constructed using Scala compiler frontend in the same way as Scaladoc 2 does.

The interface of this web application is extended in order to allow wiki-like editing of Scala symbol comments. Application also allows to show different versions of documentation related to single symbol for each users together with displaying history of all changes in the form of aggregated timeline.

The Colladoc web application also provides REST interface which provide access to the collected comments. This allows to export the changes and merge them into original source code.

Getting Started

  • Setup: Get Colladoc running on your computer
  • Compile: Compile Colladoc from sources
  • Usage: Learn about the usage of Colladoc application
  • Troubleshooting: Troubleshoot the Colladoc application