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Bump version to 5.1.0; Update ChangeLog.

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+2012-04-01, Version 5.1.0
+ * Build system, iptables plugin: The shipped version of libiptc has
+ been removed.
+ * collectd-nagios: A list of value lists can now be queried using
+ "-n LIST". Thanks to Sebastian Harl for his patches.
+ * bind plugin: The "ParseTime" option has been added. It allows to use
+ the system time rather than the time reported by BIND.
+ * curl, memcachec, tail plugins: The "ExcludeRegexp" option has been
+ added. Thanks to Peter Warasin for his initial patch.
+ * ethstat plugin: The new "ethstat" plugin reads performance statistics
+ directly from ethernet cards. Thanks to Cyril Feraudet for his patch.
+ * GenericJMX plugin: Support for querying MBean "Operations" (in
+ addition to "Attributes") has been added. Thanks to Pierre-Yves
+ Ritschard for his patch.
+ * irq plugin: The selection / ignore code now uses the default
+ ignorelist infrastructure, providing the standard feature set, e.g.
+ regex matching.
+ * md plugin: The new "md" plugin reports the number of disks in various
+ states in Linux software RAID devices. Thanks to Michael Hanselmann
+ for his patch.
+ * modbus plugin: Support for signed integer register types has been
+ added.
+ * nfs plugin: Support for Solaris has been added. Thanks to Cosmin
+ Ioiart for his patch.
+ * numa plugin: The new "numa" plugin reports statistics of the
+ Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) subsystem of Linux.
+ * processes plugin: Various fixes for the FreeBSD implementation.
+ Thanks to Phil Kulin for his patch.
+ * rrdcached plugin: Passing flushes to the caching daemon has been
+ added.
+ * sensors plugin: The initialization code has been improved. Thanks to
+ Henrique de Moraes Holschuh for his patch.
+ * swap plugin: The "ReportByDevice" option has been added.
+ * syslog plugin: Support for writing notifications has been added.
+ Thanks to Fabien Wernli for his patch.
+ * tcpconns plugin: Support for AIX has been added. Thanks to Manuel
+ Luis Sanmartín Rozada for his patch.
+ * threshold plugin: The "PersistOK" option has been added. Thanks to
+ Aaron Brady for his patch.
+ * varnish plugin: Support for Varnish 3.0 has been added. Thanks to
+ Jérôme Renard for his patches.
+ * write_mongodb plugin: The new "write_mongodb" plugin writes value
+ lists to MongoDB, a shema-less database. Thanks to Akkarit Sangpetch
+ and Chris Lundquist for their work.
+ * write_graphite plugin: The new "write_graphite" plugin writes value
+ lists to Carbon, the storage layer of the Graphite time-series
+ database. Thanks to Scott Sanders and Pierre-Yves Ritschard for their
+ work.
+ * zfs_arc plugin: Several new statistics have been added. Thanks to
+ Aurelien Rougemont for his patches.
+ * scale target: Support for scaling specific data sources only has been
+ added. Thanks to Gerrie Roos for his patch.
2012-04-01, Version 5.0.4
* Build system: Fix the use of a libltdl macro. Thanks to Clemens Lang
for fixing this. Adresses some issues with building the iptables
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
#!/usr/bin/env bash
VERSION="`git describe 2> /dev/null | sed -e 's/^collectd-//'`"

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