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Match Value

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Name: RegEx match
Type: match
Status: supported
FirstVersion: 4.6
Copyright: 2008 Florian octo Forster
License: GPLv2
Manpage: collectd.conf(5)
See also: List of Matches


The Value match matches value lists by the actual values they contain, using minimum and maximum thresholds. If the value-list contains multiple values (data-sources), you can select whether all or any data sources need to match for a successful match. This match is usually used in conjunction with the RegEx match.

This match only works with the values converted to a rate. If you match network traffic, for example, which is usually provided as a counter value, this match will not work with the actual (integer) counter value, but with the rate, the change over time. (Academics like to call this the time differential.) The conversion is done using the global value cache. (Academics: Finite difference. ;) Using this match in the PreCache chain therefore only works reliably for gauge values! See Chains#Pre--and-post-cache-chains for details.


 <Match "value">
   Min   0
   Max 100
   Invert true
   Satisfy "Any"

Match if the value of any data source is outside the range of 0–100.


  • none


The Value match has been available since version 4.6.0.