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Minutes from 2020 09 14

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Attendees: SR, Florian, Leif, Matthias, Barbara Kaczorowska, Dago, Jabir, Nikolay, Pawel Zak, Elene Margal

Collectd 5.12 release

  • Thanks for 5.12 release
  • Thanks to release managers Kamil, Octo and Matthias and all the contributors to 5.12 release

CI updates

    • Blocked by docker hub, but there has been updates made. Fixed for good. CI docker repo is uploading new images to docker, gets picked up by cirrus CI on main repo
    • 3573-> yet to change, its removing 2 plugins (sigrock, mariadb)
      • Sigrock - Its been very old, not many updates
      • Possibly due to Mysql to mariadb migration. Might be issue with dependency. Wait till 6.0 until these changes are settled down
    • Buildbot for solaris -> has improved, only 1 issue left. NaN issue is not really standardized with capitalized lettering
      • Not getting identical results for functions for couple of plugins
      • Florian to take a look
    • Changes to buildbot too

Protocol plugin - 3515

    • Dago is working on it, Florian has responded
      • get_kstat_value_to_string doesn’t exist even with 5.4. so possibly forward port the functionality instead of symbol

Location for reference code for reference installation

  • collectd/contrib/examples/
  • Repo collectd_configs
  • Collection3, snmp, genericjmx
  • One click install -> contrib directory

6.0 updates

  • Merge large PR into 6.0 branch
  • Creating tracker for plugins to migrate, script it out
    • Ideally have tracking issues
    • First goal Building enabled for new plugins
    • Start with google doc:
      • Plugin owners can add their updates here to start with
      • Compiles - for 6.0 branch, Likely plugin uses backward compatibility layer in the deamon from metrics_t to metrics_family
      • Fails - build failure. Write_callbacks or type conversion, etc.
      • Unknown - not build by current CI, yet to see if it compiles with 6.0. Please add if its your plugin
      • Leave a comment
      • Status column - done/WIP
      • Can use write_log and cpu plugin as reference
    • Add a note on how to contribute
      • Provide a port guide, some docs about what needs to be done
      • Classify plugins on how hard to convert
      • Some plugins don’t use cache/write_callbacks but still fails