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Minutes from 2020 12 07

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Attendees: Dago, Kamil, Matthias, Pawel Zak, Nikolay Tsvetkov, Bartlomiej Kotlowski

New meeting series

  • Previous one was automatic cancelled.
  • Introduction round: Bartlomiej Kotlowski, Matthias, Dago, Nikolay Tsvetkov, Kamil, Pawel Zak.
  • Agenda will be sent to mailing list before meeting (will cover items submitted to mailing list)


Collectd 5.13

Few PR to review/merge (blocked by CI):

Collectd 6.0

  • We don't know when the version will be released.
    • Florian’s presence would help.
  • Dago has problem with migration plugin from v5 to v6
  • Can someone help with that?
    • Migration guide is not very clear.
  • Invitation for workshop regarding migration from v5 to v6 will be sent by Intel:
    • Workshop will occur on 11.01.2021 4 PM (CET)
  • We need more people who want to work on migration.