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Target v5 upgrade

Florian Forster edited this page Nov 20, 2023 · 1 revision
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Name: v5 upgrade target
Type: target
Status: supported
FirstVersion: 5.0
Copyright: 2008–2010 Florian octo Forster
License: LGPLv2.1
Manpage: collectd.conf(5)
See also: List of Targets

The v5 upgrade target can be used to upgrade version 4 data to a changed version 5 layout. For example, it ensures that the interface name is assigned to the plugin instance rather than the type instance and converts the df type to the df_complex type.


 LoadPlugin target_v5upgrade
 <Chain "PreCache">
    Target "v5upgrade"

Implemented upgrades

Df type

Convert the df type to the df_complex type:

  • {|

| rowspan="2" | df | rowspan="2" | → | df_complex-used |- | df_complex-free |}

  !!! ATTENTION !!!   Please note, what df type is used not only by df plugin, but in other plugins too.   Memcached plugin still uses df type in new versions, not df_complex but v5upgrade converts types without checking plugin.    So, while using v5upgrade target you will get memcached data stored into df_complex type RRDs, and after finishing migration and disabling v5upgrade target you will get this data stored as df type again.    Please note this, and check for this at other plugins too.

Interface plugin

Ensure the interface name is assigned to the plugin instance, not the type instance.

Mysql_qcache type

Convert the mysql_qcache type to the cache_result and cache_size types:

  • {|

| rowspan="5" | mysql_qcache | rowspan="5" | → | cache_result-qcache-hits |- | cache_result-qcache-inserts |- | cache_result-qcache-not_cached |- | cache_result-qcache-prunes |- | cache_size-qcache |}

Mysql_threads type

Convert the mysql_threads type to the threads and total_threads types:

  • {|

| rowspan="4" | mysql_threads | rowspan="4" | → | threads-running |- | threads-connected |- | threads-cached |- | total_threads-created |}

Arc_counts type

Convert the arc_counts type to the cache_result type:

  • {|

| rowspan="4" | arc_counts-(hits/misses) | rowspan="4" | → | cache_result-demand_data-(hit/miss) |- | cache_result-demand_metadata-(hit/miss) |- | cache_result-prefetch_data-(hit/miss) |- | cache_result-prefetch_metadata-(hit/miss) |}

Arc_l2_bytes type

Convert the arc_l2_bytes type to the io_octets type:

  • arc_l2_bytes → io_octets-L2

Arc_l2_size type

Convert the arc_l2_size type to the cache_size type:

  • arc_l2_size → cache_size-L2

Arc_ratio type

Convert the arc_ratio type to the cache_ratio type. Adapt the type instance “L1” to “arc”.

  • arc_ratio-L1 → cache_ratio-arc arc_ratio-L2 → cache_ratio-L2

Arc_size type

Convert the arc_size type to the cache_size type. Only the data-source “current” is converted, the other three data sources represent static configuration settings and will be omitted.

  • arc_size (current) → cache_size-arc


  • none