Tools for Open Source

Tools for Open Source

Software to make running your open source project a little bit easier.

Project management

Real-time monitoring and automatic updates for NPM dependencies.

Automatically close issues and pull requests after a period of inactivity.

Community health

A command-line tool for automatically generating and updating the for your projects.

A command-line tool for automatically generating and updating guidelines for your projects.

Danger automates your team's conventions surrounding code review.

Pull requests

Poule helps automate tasks on GitHub issues and pull requests.

Sync repository settings defined in .github/config.yml to GitHub, enabling Pull Requests for repository settings.

Enable contributors to sign CLAs from within a pull request.

Language-specific tools

Hakiri Toolbelt automates version scraping and update notifications of Ruby gems, servers, databases and other technologies.

Linter for JavaScript standard style

A tool for managing JavaScript projects with multiple packages

Sedy is a bot that allows you to type a sed-like command in a single comment or in a code review, and will quickly commit the fix.