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- create an issue: simplevocabs do not get alphabetically ordered,
nore do they use the order defined by getObjectPositionInParent
(see issue #4)
- drop the try
from Products.Archetypes.interfaces.vocabulary import IVocabularyTerm
- we should add the parameter 'lang' to IVocabularyTerm.getTermValue
[jens] agrees, but we should make it optional (normally translations should happen transparently)
- move getTermPath to separate hierarchicalvocabulary interface?
[hf] this would allow us to differentiate hierarchical vocabularies by their interface
we'd should to make namedvocbaulary.getKeyPathForTerms aware of this too then.
- (missing in alias) mark methods getVocabularyValue and getVocabularyKey as deprecated
and use the methods getTermValue and getTermKey instead
[jens] XXX
- use zope3 interfaces for terms
useful for example in NamedVocabulary.getKeyPathForTerms (see comment there)
- resolve TODOs (XXX, FIXME) marked in the code ;-)
Ideas for features
basic idea:
fields can specify selection depth (0 unlimited, 1 first level, 2 seconde level, etc)
that gets displayed in the Displaylist.
why do we need that:
if a certain field does not need the fine-grained selection possibilities
a vocabulary offers, no new vocabulary has to be defined.
variable displaylists
basic idea:
field can specify which attribute of the vocabularyterms is used for the
why could we need that:
in certain cases the same vocabulary is needed, but another field or field
combination should be used for display in the selection.
more complicated handling of cached displaylists (different dictionaries have
to be handeled, not just one)
caching displaylists
basic idea:
caching of displaylists and vocabularydicts using ZCacheable (the only thing we'd
have to care about is invalidating the cache when a term gets moved or changed)
why do we need that:
fetching vocabulary displaylists costs a lot.
at the moment the displaylist for the whole vocab gets fetched
everytime a content type that uses the vocabulary is edited and even VIEWED!
[jens] will implement this for the vdex vocabulary in the near future: DONE
open tasks: Invalidate cache after upload of a vdex.
(Auto?)-Assign to a ram-cache-manager.
generic setup support
basic idea
vdex already can be ex and imported to xml. we shoud realize it for simple
and term too
[jens] decision needed: use vdex, some own xml or better atxml from marshall
or just simple Excel importable CSV?)
Jens decision is: vdex (implemented import) or csv (todo).
common hierarchic functionality of vdex and tree and possibly other types
should be coded in a mixin.
code and test once, use everywhere
catalog updates
current limitation:
every change on the structure of a vocabulary
(eg: moving a term up the hierarchy)
has to trigger not only the invalidation of the cache but also
the reindexing of all terms down the hierarchy
(uid_catalog search on getTermUidPath,
currently this is a limitation of treevocabulary.
vdex dont need to get cataloged
need to reindex objects in uid_catalog and portal_catalog:
Which method do we need to hook?
in portal_catalog for indexes used by content types
the worse problem is to reindex the objects that define custom indexes on their path-methods.
we don't know which catalog they use (could be portal_catalog, but also any other)
- store catalog and index in vocab or the atvmtool
- provide a hook somewhere that can be implemented
- maybe use references instead of text-linefields to be able to find out which content uses a certain term.