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PloneGetPaid is designed to make it easy to accept payments on your site. The
framework provides a simple way to get started with that, and a rich structure
for extending usage for specific needs.

GetPaid has been used in production since December 2007. Since then several
improvements have occurred to keep the product improving and evolving. You can
find a list of 15+ `Sites Using GetPaid`_, for examples of how it is used. For
more about the project, including features, updates, and ways to contribute,
please see our public web site, ``_.

.. _`sites using GetPaid`:
.. _``:


You can get the GetPaid product in two ways:

* Adding GetPaid to Existing Site - Read the latest `installation
* Testing/Developing: There is also a `development buildout`_ for GetPaid. This
  makes it easy for developers of GetPaid itself to get set up with everything
  needed for the product with just a few commands.

.. _`installation instructions`:
.. _`development buildout`:


You can find manuals, tutorials and howto's on this site in the documentation_ section.

.. _documentation:

For more on how the internals of GetPaid work, please see the `getpaid.core`_ page on

.. _`getpaid.core`:

Documentation on integrating payment processors with GetPaid is available in the product.

How to Get Involved

We welcome participation in the project! You can:

* Join our `development mailing list`_ to contact others, discuss features, and
  learn more.
* Make a financial contribution or become a sponsor of the project (especially
  if you have a feature you want in the system!) `Contact us`_ to express your
* Tackle issues_ (for developers and non-developers!), make an extension_, or
  add additional functionality,

.. _`development mailing list`:
.. _`Contact us`:
.. _`issues`:
.. _`extension`:


Project leaders:

* Kapil Thangavelu provided the role of chief architect of the base product.
* Christopher Johnson organized the project, collaborative process, and funding.
* Jon Stahl served as the project's NGO Liaison for the first release.
* Lucie Lejard played the role of release manager through 0.7.x.
* David Glick led the updates for Plone 4 compatibility.
* Brandon Rhodes provided review and refactoring of the payment processor interfaces.
* Many others have contributed bugfixes and improvements.

Special thanks to our sponsors that helped us "social source" this project!

`ObjectRealms`_ `ifPeople`_ `Groundwire`_ `Contextual Corporation`_
`Trees for Life`_ ``_

.. _`ObjectRealms`:
.. _`ifPeople`:
.. _`Groundwire`:
.. _`Contextual Corporation`:
.. _`Trees for Life`:
.. _``:

`Read more about our sponsors`_.

.. _`Read more about our sponsors`: