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1.3 (unreleased)

  • Fix setProperties to not set a None value. [allusa]
  • Fix typo for custom extra_user_filter. See comments below about "When creating an Active Directory plugin ... ignore disabled or non-user accounts ..." [mamico]
  • Remove duplicate line with no effect. [saily]
  • Support mapping LDAP groups to Plone roles via the Users and Groups control panel. [adaugherity]

1.2 (2012-11-30)

  • Only the LDAP plugin implements IGroupManagement, not the ActiveDirectory plugin. This is for adding, removing and editing groups.
  • Code moved to
  • Let only the LDAP multi plugin implement the IGroupCapability interface (add a user to a group or remove a user from a group). Previously the AD multi plugin claimed to implement this too, but it lacked the required methods, so this could lead to tracebacks. We could instead add those methods via the mixin class, but but this gave other tracebacks (in removePrincipalFromGroup) when I tried it in one AD setup.
  • Fix setProperties to split value into lines if lines property receives a string instead of an iterable.
  • When creating an Active Directory plugin configure LDAPUserFolder to ignore disabled or non-user accounts. This requires Products.LDAPUserFolder 2.11 or later.

1.1 (2008-06-10)

  • Switch license to ZPL.
  • Depend on the Products.LDAPMultiPlugins and Products.LDAPUserFolder.
  • Switch to egg-only releases from now on.


  • Hide LDAPUserFolder from the list of Add-On Products since installing it will kill your Plone site. Plone 3.0 only.
  • Fix incorrect security declaration for doDeleteUser


  • Fix getGroupMembers to return user ids instead of login names for group members. This broke group membership listing in environments where userid and login name differ (for example AD environments). Thanks to Netcentric for discovering this and helping me fix it.
  • Add some protection against invalid (None) results of group related searches.
  • Add more information about the capabilities and caveats of LDAP use in Plone.


  • Improve the documentation.
  • Add missing cache invalidation for role management and user deletion.
  • Fix updating of single-valued member properties.
  • Use a different method to get the containing LDAPUserFolder. This allows use of PloneLDAP outside of a CMF site.


  • Fix setting of object classes when creating a new plugin instance.
  • Fix member property sheets: RAM caching does not like it when you try to store non-pickleable data.