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…tion. (merged from r68310 on trunk -- updated on this tag to update the pypi page mostly)

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@@ -92,6 +92,11 @@ Upgrading
Re-install Poi from the Add/Remove Products control panel or
portal_quickinstaller in the ZMI.
+Poi 1.2 gets rid of old Archetypes based PoiResponses and introduces
+new light weight zope-3-style responses; this needs a migration. In
+the ZMI go to portal_setup, then the Upgrades tab and run any upgrade
+steps that are available for Poi. Backup your Data.fs first!
After any upgrade, run an Archetypes schema update, by going to
'archetype_tool' in the ZMI, selecting the 'Update Schema' tab,
selecting all the 'Poi.*' types, and clicking 'Update schema'. It's

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