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Scrawl 2.0 - 2.0 - 2015.04.17
- Updated docs and version for release
- Removed attempt to render the related items macro in the blog entry view. This
skin template was removed in Plone 4.3. Related items are now (by default) in
the below content viewlet, so the old macro is now unneeded.
- Removed invalid dl in blog view.
- Added class to blog entry byline separator for easier CSS.
- Fixed permalink URL in blog view.
- Excluded unpublished comments from the displayed count for sites with
- Allowed filtering of blog view by author.
- Move sources to
- Add french translation
Scrawl 2.0b1 - 2011.02.24
- Brought back support for Plone 3.
- Added upgrade step.
- Added an icon for the Blog Entry type.
- Updated the i18n structure.
- Removed duplication of byline template.
- Updated templates using Plone 4 macros.
- Made blog view filterable by subject in Plone 4.
- Added support for
- Converted view templates to Zope 3 browser views.
- Added a Zope 3 browser layer.
- Replaced install and uninstall methods with GenericSetup profiles.
Scrawl 1.3.2 - 2010.03.09
- Uninstall resets display template for existing Collections using
blog_view. Thanks to Shane Graber! [jbaldivieso]
- Added support for Plone 4. [pelle]
- Added Czech translations. [lzdych]
Scrawl 1.3.1 - 2009.06.11
- No changes, but re-releasing because the egg broke during shipping.
Scrawl 1.3 - 2009.06.10
- Added Dutch translations. [markvl]
- Added Japanese translation [papago]
- Added Turkish translation [uyar]
- Added Brazilian portuguese translation [danipessanha]
- Fixed issue #9 (compilation problems running buildout on certain
platforms) [jbaldivieso]
- Fixed issue #10 (Duplicate Keyword Issue) [danipessanha]
Scrawl 1.2 - final - 2009.10.01
- added i18n markup for the plone 2.1/2.5 layer and added various adjustments
added previously to the plone 3 layer. [pelle]
- lets us a div block for the rich text in the since there could
be inserted various block elements and that will create invalid html like
"<p><div>My special div block</div></p>". [pelle]
- (re)enabled the 'read more' but with a condition so its only shown if the
body text isn't show [pelle]
- added i18n support (plone 3.0) and a Danish translation [pelle]
Scrawl 1.1 - final
- re-released as an egg. No other changes. [jbaldivieso]
Scrawl 1.0 - final
- Changed templates slightly to fully enable Plone 2.1 support. [jbaldivieso]
- Cleaned up presentation of blog entries if they haven't been published yet
(and therefore lack Effective Date). [jbaldivieso]
Scrawl 1.0 - beta 3
- Fixed a bug in Plone 3.0 where the Plone Types Ctrl Panel protested when you
tried to save settings for Blog Entries. [jbaldivieso]
- Made Blog Entries open for commenting by default [jbaldivieso]
- Added Blog Entries to the portal factory, so that skeleton Blog Entries
don't clutter up your site when you add one but don't save it. [jbaldivieso]
- Added External Method for migrating Quills blog entries to Scrawl [ohtogo]
Scrawl 1.0 - beta 2
- slimmed down blog_view so that it just shows descriptions of blog entries
if they exist (full bodies otherwise) [jbaldivieso]
Scrawl 1.0 - beta 1
- initial release [jbaldivieso]