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MassLoader allows to do massive uploads via Zip or 7Zip files. When an archive is uploaded via MassLoader, its contents are created in the current folder.


  • MassLoader creates Files and Images or only Files with files in archive.
  • MassLoader add an action on Folder, Large Plone Folder and Plone Site. You can change theses portal types in the control panel.
  • MassLoader has a content size limit, and is able to protect your server from logic bombs.
  • MassLoader can handle any size of archive file, without overload of your server.


  • The permission is only set by default to the role 'Manager' and 'Owner'.
  • From the version 3.0.0beta1, the portal type of new object can be managed via 2 mechanisms, selectable in the control panel :
    • If content type registry detects an Image, MassLoader creates an Image, if it's not an image MassLoader creates a file with the portal type selected in Control Panel.
    • Or the checkbox is checked in Control Panel and Massloader creates only files with the portal type selected in Control Panel/
  • Default max size for each file to be uncompressed is set to 20 Mb. You can modify this size limit in the control panel.
  • If a folder with a same id already exists, it is conserved. If a same file exists whith the same id, just the datas are updated.


  • 7zip archives are not valid when they contain only empty folders (problem with python library pylzma).
  • 7zip archives with empty folders : the empty folders are not created.



  • atReal Team
    • Matthias Broquet [tiazma]
    • Florent Michon [fmichon]


  • Romain BEYLERIAN [rbeylerian]
  • Wouter Vanden Hove [WouterVH]
  • [siebo]
  • [tomgross]
  • [dimboo]
  • [foreverchild]
  • Peter Uittenbroek [thepjot]
  • Rafael Oliveira [rafaelbco]


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