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A curated list of everything that makes Volto awesome

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A curated list of things that make Volto awesome. Please feel free to contribute directly or send a PR! For add-ons for the CMS Plone which is the backend of Volto please see the awesome-plone list


Official websites



⚠️ While we try to list them all, some of these addons might be a Work in Progress, require special branches of Volto or dedicated Plone addons.

Various addons that can't fit in a specific category, in mostly random order:


  • volto-eea-kitkat - A "known good set" of Volto add-ons, mostly specific to EEA websites.
  • eea.kitkat - The back-end support for the volto-eea-kitkat add-on.

Rich text editing

Enhance the basic text editing experience

Layout addons

Enhancements to the way blocks can be used, to create custom layouts

  • volto-subblocks - A framework to edit and embed blocks into other blocks. (Note: Volto provides a sub-blocks framework that is not compatible with this. Consider looking at volto-columns-block, volto-accordion-block, volto-tabs-block for example if you need to embed block in block).
  • volto-tabs-block - Split a Volto page into tabs, complete with editing form integration, using just a simple tabs block.
  • volto-metadata-block - Custom Volto Block to insert Plone metadata fields
  • volto-accordion-block - Create group based accordions in blocks.
  • volto-columns-block - Enables grouping Volto blocks as columns
  • volto-group-block - Group blocks in sections and filter available blocks per content-type per section
  • volto-blocks-grid - Unidimensional (x-axis) grids for blocks
  • volto-block-divider - Block to render a section separator
  • volto-pdf-block - Flexible PDF integration in Volto
  • volto-listing-block - Extension for the Volto listing block adding more templates
  • volto-block-style - A generic framework to configure block decorations and CSS styles
  • volto-anchors - Slug based anchor links for volto blocks
  • volto-statistic-block - A Statistic Text for Volto blocks
  • volto-featured-block: Volto block to create pages with arbitrary content based on a simple schema (title + text + image), with variation support, and not based on existing content of the site (in contraposition to teaser blocks being based on existing content of the site)


Input components, to be reused in the form library



Plone backend add-ons for Volto

Training, example code, tutorials

Awesome React articles, relevant to any Volto developer

Websites built with Volto

Open-source websites built with Volto

The following websites have been built with Volto. You can find their complete source code by following their links. Please note that complex websites are built on top of Volto add-ons, and most of the time they're just an empty shell for the add-ons. You should check the dependencies in their package.json for more details.



A curated list of everything that makes Volto awesome






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