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This product contains a set of portlets aimed at blogging, but useable also
for other situtations.
It requires Plone 4.
The development of was sponsored by the
**Bergen Public Library** -
The portlets so far is:
* Monthly archive portlet: A portlet that shows a monthly archive view of all
content in a folder with number of items per month and a customizable link
to an archive view.
* Last posts portlet: Lists the last X documents (sorted by effective date).
Installation is done in the usual manner: Add to your
buildout, and install through QuickInstaller or portal_setup. You can
then add portlets in the usual manner.
-------- has only one settings, locate in
* **blog_types**: This lines property will be used to contain the portal_types
that are considered entries in the blog. If it does not exist, it will
default to `Document`, `News Item` and `File`.
This product will never use doctests to test anything besides documentation.