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Add possibility to configure export via ini file and I had a new Article322Wrapper

yboussard added some commits Feb 23, 2011
@yboussard yboussard 1 - Add possibility to configure export via ini file.
    This file is located in $INSTANCE_HOME and is name jsonmigrator.ini.
    You can configure the mapping of class
    2 - Add new options :
    MAX_CACHE_DB : purge zodb cache every x item treat (avoid memory error on big Data.fs)
    JUST_TREAT_WAPPER : just treat classname that are mapping on a wrapper
    3 - Add logging support
    4 - Add Article322Wrapper -> for old plone article
@yboussard yboussard add some documentation to plone2.0_export.rst 4db2f82
@yboussard yboussard add some documentation to plone2.0_export.rst 2d3c657
@yboussard yboussard add some documentation to wrappers e0c3acf

nice .. i have some work on migration scripts planned tomorrow and i'll also look what you done here. will get back to you tomorrow.

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I do some change to jsonmigrator . Now add some extra info for attached field (import as BaseUnit to preserve filename, encoding ...) . Add also some work for plone article (see updated documentation) and lingua plone relation.

Regards Youenn.

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@yboussard collective.blueprint.jsonmigrator was "renamed" to collective.jsonmigrator.

Would you mind:

  • Checking collective.jsonmigrator source code and see if something similar to your pull was done there;
  • If nothing similar was done, redo the PR in collective.jsonmigrator.

...since the plans for collective.blueprint.jsonmigrator is to make it inactive?

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