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ckeditor, another wysiwyg editor for Plone 4 and more.


Plone4 and more.

collective.plonefinder is used for attached media browsing and upload 
when using buildout or easy_install, the dependencies are installed.

Install collective.ckeditor in your zope instance

two options :

- add "collective.ckeditor" in your eggs and zcml sections of your plone 4 buildout

- >>> easy_install collective.ckeditor

Read docs/INSTALL.txt for more information

Install ckeditor in Plone

Use portal_quickinstaller

Plone 3 :

No support is provided for Plone3.

If you really need ckeditor for Plone3 contact us

You can always use FCKeditor for Plone.


when checked out from svn, run utils/ at Python prompt.

This will inject the ckeditor directory in a browser Resources directory accessible in line
using this adress::

  - http://yourplonesite/++resource++ckeditor/ fix some tal compilation errors (zope.tal bugs), see also::

  - fix also some XHTML errors in ckeditor tests pages.
zope consider html files in browser resources as page templates and return a 404 http error
in case of tal compilation error::



Configure your develop buildout for ckeditor

This information concerns the svn versions since there's no releases at this time

- checkout from svn 'collective.ckeditor', put it in your develop directory

- idem for 'collective.plonefinder'

- add collective.ckeditor, collective.plonefinder in your develop section  in buildout.cfg

- add collective.ckeditor to your zcml section

- add the ckeditor section to run utils/ (see buildout/dev.cfg for more information)

- bin/buildout -c dev.cfg

More information

If you need more support, if you need new plugins for Plone or more generic plugins for ckeditor,
contact us :


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