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This addon is a ckeditor integration for Plone.

How to install

You can install it as any Plone addon. Please follow official documentation.

Please use CKeditor for Plone > 4.

The code source can be found at

Please report issues at



If you come from collective.ckeditor < 3.6.12, you will have to launch an upgrade step to 3612. Go to ZMi-->portal_setup-->Upgrades, choose "collective.ckeditor:default" profile and execute the upgrade step to 3612.




If you try to run a Zope/Plone instance with a collective.ckeditor checkout, your instance will break with a ConfigurationError:

Directory .../browser/ckeditor does not exist.

After checking out collective.ckeditor sources, run the included buildout.

This installs and runs the copy_ckeditor_code script. It takes care of copying ckeditor code in the appropriate browser/ckeditor directory.

The browser/ckeditor directory makes ckeditor javascript code available to the browser at:


How to Release

Obviously, the ckeditor code also needs to be included in the released eggs.

collective.ckeditor registers an entry point for zest.releaser that (if called properly) takes care of copying the code when preparing the release.

However, in order to take advantage of the entry point, you have to use the bin/fullrelease locally installed by the development buildout instead of a globally installed fullrelease.

Only the local bin/fullrelease script can see the entry_point registered by collective.ckeditor.

How to update to a newer version of CKEditor

Valid for CKEditor 4

  1. Go to
  2. Choose preset Full
  3. Do not modify included plugins.
  4. Select skin Moono color
  5. Click Add all link beside Languages to choose label
  6. Agree with the terms ;-)
  7. Download CKEditor
  8. Unzip archive
  9. From the archive, copy contents of ckeditor 3 (sic) directory
  10. Replace all content of src/collective/ckeditor/_src/ckeditor directory.
  11. Run bin/copy_ckeditor_code
  12. Test

Tests status




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