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collective.cmissearch is a Plone 3.2+ extension that lets you search into a CMIS document repository from Plone.

This doesn't integrate the Plone search functionally with external `CMIS`_ data. This provides a simple search form that does a search both in Plone and in an CMIS repository.

This extension depends on collective.cmisbrowser. Each CMIS Browser will indicate a starting point from where the search will be done.


Update buildout profile

Update your buildout profile to include the following eggs and zcml:

eggs +=
zcml +=


When using python 2.4.x you will also need to add httpsproxy_urllib2 as an egg.

Run the buildout

Run the buildout to reflect the changes you made to the profile:

$ bin/buildout -v

Install the extension

The extension can be installed through the ZMI or Plone control panel.

Through the ZMI

  • Go to the portal quickinstaller in the ZMI.
  • Check the extension collective.cmissearch.
  • Click the install button.

Through the Plone control panel

  • Go to Site Setup.
  • Choose Add-on products.
  • Check the extension collective.cmissearch.
  • Click the Install button.


  • Go to the desired CMIS browser of which you would like to set the search settings.
  • Click on the tab Search Settings

This will bring you to the Edit Search settings form with the following parameters:

  • Activate search in this connector? Check this option to activate the search.
  • Priority of the search results (Required). Add a numeric value to set the priority. The higher the priority will be, the lower the result block will be displayed in the search results.
  • Activate CMIS-SCORE function to sort the results. Some CMIS server don't support this functionality. To be able to search content in such a server, you must deactivate this option.
  • Quote quote characters in the search terms. This option quotes the quote characters in the search terms. This is not defined by the CMIS standard but all CMIS server supports this functionality.

Adding a CMIS Search portlet

  • Go to Manage portlets in your Plone site were you would like to add a CMIS search portlet.
  • Select CMIS Search portlet from the Add portlet... drop-down menu.


Search support based on collective.cmisbrowser



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