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Provide extension fields for context specific images and markup. This elements can be used as layout elements. If the current context does not provide the specific context related field, it is aquired from its parents.

It is useful i.e.

  • if you like to have a different logo or header background on different sections of your site,
  • if you want to set a background image for your content,
  • if you want to place an image in context somehwere in the page using a viewlet.

Separate schema extenders are provided with corresponsing renderers bound to browserlayers loaded by different profiles. This way its possible to enable only one of the several features:

Viewlet context image
An image which gets rendered by a viewlet as img tag. Profile is profile-collective.contextimage:viewlet.
Header context image
An image which gets rendered as portal header background. Profile is profile-collective.contextimage:header.
Page context image
An image which gets rendered as page background. Profile is profile-collective.contextimage:page.
Logo context image
An image which gets rendered as portal logo. This is a drop in replacement for the logo viewlet with fallback to default logo). Profile is profile-collective.contextimage:logo.
Footer Viewlet
Richtext which can be displayed as portal footer. Profile is profile-collective.contextimage:footer.


Just depend in your buildout on the egg collective.conteximage. ZCML is loaded automagically with z3c.autoinclude.

Install it as an addon in Plone control-panel or portal_setup.

This package is written for Plone 4.1 or later.

You need to enable context image extending by applying marker interfaces via ZCML. I.e., if all extensions should be potentially available to all Products.Archetypes.BaseObject.BaseObject deriving types, add following in your configure.zcml:

<class class="Products.Archetypes.BaseObject.BaseObject">
  <implements interface="collective.contextimage.interfaces.IPageImageExtensible" />
  <implements interface="collective.contextimage.interfaces.IHeaderImageExtensible" />
  <implements interface="collective.contextimage.interfaces.IViewletImageExtensible" />
  <implements interface="collective.contextimage.interfaces.ILogoImageExtensible" />
  <implements interface="collective.contextimage.interfaces.IFooterExtensible" />

Each of the features can be activated now by importing the refering GenericSetup profile.

If i.e. page background and header image support is desired, add following to integration GS profile metadata.xml:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

You can also install the profiles by going to /portal_setup.


You might get an error if you try to use an image with the same name as one in your theme/skins folder. So: If you theme uses an image with name 'logo.png' you might not be able to use 'logo.png' as contextualimage (rename it before you upload it).

Source Code and Contributions

If you want to help with the development (improvement, update, bug-fixing, ...) of collective.contextimage this is a great idea!

The code is located in the github collective.

You can clone it or get access to the github-collective and work directly on the project.

Maintainer is Robert Niederreiter and the BlueDynamics Alliance developer team. We appreciate any contribution and if a release is needed to be done on pypi, please just contact one of us dev@bluedynamics dot com