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PloneFormGen tile shouldn't be available by default #194

hvelarde opened this Issue · 4 comments

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collective.cover.pfg tile should only be available is PloneFormGen is installed.

probably the best way to accomplish this is by registering it conditionally based on the presence of the product.

@ericof ericof was assigned

Hi @hvelarde

Why don't create a plugin called collective.cover.pfg as individuals packages plonesocial.* or collective.geo.* suite.

I'm interested create some tile for some products like collective.dancing or collective.geo.usermap

Any idea or sugges?


I agree on this (I love the way it was done with collective.plonetruegallery).
If it should be of any interest, I am trying out this (with collective.easyslider) here:

(If I get it to work properly I will rename it to collective.cover.easyslider)


we can not create such packages because will have a name space issue :-)

I neither want to have the FormGen tile inside cover, but we need to be careful at this time: we don't want to start creating a bunch of cover tiles instead of Plone compatible tiles; we need to fix #81 and #112 first and provide an adapter to make Plone tiles compatible with cover.


I think this is already solved with latest changes

@hvelarde hvelarde closed this
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