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Default tile class #262

agnogueira opened this Issue Aug 21, 2013 · 5 comments


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agnogueira commented Aug 21, 2013

The initial class for tiles is "empty" and add a strange code to HTML:

<div class="tile --NOVALUE--">

We should change this to "Default" and add a better style for that, like this:

<div class="tile tile-default">

@ghost ghost assigned jpgimenez and marcosfromero Aug 21, 2013


marcosfromero commented Aug 24, 2013

Can't reproduce.
Instead, I get this strange class attributes for every kind of tile:

{'order':​ u'0', 'visibility':​ u'on'}​

>>> $('div.tile')
<div data-tile=​"@@collective.cover.banner/​e612e18df292495d940ff21fc9b5890d" class=​"tile {'order':​ u'0', 'visibility':​ u'on'}​ ui-droppable" id=​"e612e18df292495d940ff21fc9b5890d">​…​</div>​
<div data-tile=​"@@collective.cover.basic/​df06ea7fbb1e4327badf17c9d522cf52" class=​"tile {'order':​ u'0', 'visibility':​ u'on'}​ ui-droppable" id=​"df06ea7fbb1e4327badf17c9d522cf52">​…​</div>​
<div data-tile=​"@@collective.cover.carousel/​b2b56d80efdb4648acb0ee13acad83b0" class=​"tile {'order':​ u'0', 'visibility':​ u'on'}​ ui-droppable" id=​"b2b56d80efdb4648acb0ee13acad83b0">​…​</div>​
<div data-tile=​"@@collective.cover.collection/​fd97968459d24668ab46d558ebcfe99a" class=​"tile {'order':​ u'0', 'visibility':​ u'on'}​ ui-droppable" id=​"fd97968459d24668ab46d558ebcfe99a">​…​</div>​
<div data-tile=​"@@collective.cover.contentbody/​aa26cf5a807a4f758b2705c9a078c1d2" class=​"tile {'order':​ u'0', 'visibility':​ u'on'}​ ui-droppable" id=​"aa26cf5a807a4f758b2705c9a078c1d2">​…​</div>​
<div data-tile=​"@@collective.cover.embed/​f9051b770e584625aa8a1ce96cd9789f" class=​"tile {'order':​ u'0', 'visibility':​ u'on'}​ ui-droppable" id=​"f9051b770e584625aa8a1ce96cd9789f">​…​</div>​
<div data-tile=​"@@collective.cover.file/​c102442f13c84022937a3c4522094c92" class=​"tile {'order':​ u'0', 'visibility':​ u'on'}​ ui-droppable" id=​"c102442f13c84022937a3c4522094c92">​…​</div>​
<div data-tile=​"@@collective.cover.list/​d9e45e92577147c297b004cde13940d8" class=​"tile {'order':​ u'0', 'visibility':​ u'on'}​ ui-droppable" id=​"d9e45e92577147c297b004cde13940d8">​…​</div>​
<div data-tile=​"@@collective.cover.richtext/​f96feb77529444cbaf3d32c93f0b5d1a" class=​"tile {'order':​ u'0', 'visibility':​ u'on'}​ ui-droppable" id=​"f96feb77529444cbaf3d32c93f0b5d1a">​…​</div>​

hvelarde commented Aug 26, 2013

well, that's worst then and we have to fix it...

@hvelarde hvelarde reopened this Aug 26, 2013


marcosfromero commented Aug 26, 2013

These strange values ({'order':​ u'0', 'visibility':​ u'on'}​) are returned by the ITilesConfigurationScreen adapter: when no value is set for a certain configuration option (i.e. field), like css_class, the adapter sets these default values and returns them:

This behavior occurs only if configuration options where not saved.

If configuration was set and "No value" was chosen for CSS Class field, then the aforementioned --NOVALUE-- class name is used.

Changing this to tile-default but consider opening a new issue.


hvelarde commented Aug 26, 2013

I think this has to be implemented here: https://github.com/collective/collective.cover/blob/master/src/collective/cover/tiles/configuration.py#L93

don't forget to improve testing on this also.


hvelarde commented Aug 29, 2013

@marcosfromero according to @agnogueira is better to declare the field as required and provide an upgrade step for all tiles in all covers on the site; please modify your pull request according to that.

@hvelarde hvelarde closed this in #267 Aug 30, 2013

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