TinyMCE bad imports; breakage with other products #303

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Plone version 4.3.2:

  • install collective.cover
  • install CMFPlomino (or the other way around)

boom, Tinymce disappears...

now, in the jsregistry.xml there are the following two lines:

( that is : javascript bundle="tinymce" id="tiny_mce.js" /
javascript bundle="tinymce" id="tiny_mce_init.js" / , the interface seems to eat the comments if I leave the angle brackets around it....)

the second of this is non-existent anymore, it just gives an error in portal_javascripts that the resource does not exist.
The first one, I have no clue what it is supposed to do. If you disable it, everything works again. Both Plomino and Collective.cover, also with RichText Tiles.

UPDATE: it appears this has been noticed before in #213 , but now it is actively harmful to have it included.

@jpgimenez jpgimenez was assigned Oct 9, 2013

Some more (manual) testing reveals:

  • on Plone 4.2.6 the imports don't give errors, and are actually necessary to edit a Rich Text File. If you disable them, the popup won't open.
  • on Plone 4.3.x they are harmful, and need to be disabled.

My javascript- and tinyMCE fu is weak, I have no clue why this is happening, but it's repeatable

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