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Desktop document generation (.odt, .pdf, .doc, ...) based on appy framework ( and OpenOffice/LibreOffice
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collective.documentgenerator is an elegant product allowing to easily produce office documents based on dynamic templates.

New content types are used to store the different templates:

  • style templates, that can be common for other templates
  • sub templates, that can be used in other templates
  • mailing loop templates, that can be used by other templates to do a loop for mailing
  • basic templates
  • advanced templates, regarding configuration

Templates are created within libreoffice software.

Output formats are those that can be produced by libreoffice:

  • odt and ods formats
  • doc, docx, xls, xlsx formats
  • pdf, csv, rtf

You can use a demo profile to easily test the product.


How to add a new POD template?

In your Plone site, you can add two sorts of main templates :

  • PODTemplate : composed of title, description and odt file to be uploaded
  • ConfigurablePODTemplate : adding configurable fields to basic template
    • output formats selection
    • portal types selection
    • style template selection
    • subtemplate selection
    • tal expression as condition (behavior).
    • enabling flag
    • context variables list
    • mailing loop template

If you want, you can organize your templates in one or more folder.

How to write the template ?

The appy framework is used to interpret the template and render it using the context.

You can find a documentation explaining the syntax that can be used.

You can do the following things:

  • use basic python expression to access context fields or methods
  • do an if... then... else...
  • do a loop for a paragraph, a section, a table, a row, a cell
  • transform xhtml to text

Base helper methods can be used in templates and custom methods can be added.

How to generate a document?

A viewlet displays all the available PODTemplate and ConfigurablePODTemplate following the current context. Clicking the template link will call the 'document-generation' view.

  • Calling 'document-generation' view
    • render template and propose to download the generated document
    • parameters: template uid and document type
    • this is the default view used in the viewlet
  • Calling 'persistent-document-generation' view
    • render template and create a file with the generated document
    • parameters: template uid and document type
  • Calling 'mailing-loop-persistent-document-generation' view
    • loop on persisted rendered document and create a file containing all documents
    • parameters: document uid

Plone versions

It is working and tested on Plone 4.3, Plone 5.0 and 5.1.

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