Controls when Plone must open links in external page (in an accessible way)
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A new way to controls how Plone marks external links or open them in popup windows.


Plone has already two feature named "Mark external links" and "External links open in new window" that make the CMS to change apprearence of external link or open them in popup windows.

However native Plone features are on-or-off: you can't choose the criteria used for mark links or choose which ones will be opened in a new windows.

How it works

After installation go to the "Externalize links settings" in the control panel and configure your preferences.

Control panel

Links selectors
Use this section to enter a set of jQuery selector that match your links.
Mark processed links
For every processed link you can also provide additional attributes for example a new CSS class.

Plus, the title attribute of every link will be enhanced with a text that warn the user of the "popup" nature ("It will open in a new window").

Motivations behind the product

Apart the effective usefulness of the product, this has been mainly written as example application for the use of collective.jsconfiguration.