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Provides folderish types as a replacement for some ATContentTypes
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Provides the types "Folderish Event", "Folderish News Item" and "Folderish Document" as replacements for their ATContentTypes equivalents. Those types are able to hold any other content, like a Folder.

There is a "portlet" profile, which installs a portlet to show the contents of an folderish type.

You can limit the types, which can be added to FolderishTypes by providing a Generic Setup import type configuration.

The reason for this package is, that in my experience it's easier to group related content together at one place. An article about something fancy might have an image gallery associated with it as well as some pdf-downloads. With this package you can put everyting inside the article. Another use case is that you can structure content hierarchically and don't need to define "default pages" - a concept hard to understand and handle (see: )

Alexander Limi also wished folderish content back in 2008: "#10: Content re-use is overrated — people like folderish"

To use collective.folderishtypes with Archetypes, depend on the dexterity extras_require in or buildout like so:

collective.folderishtypes [archetypes]

For the dexterity version, like so:

collective.folderishtypes [dexterity]

How to migrate Products.PloneArticle documents to Folderish Document

A upgrade step "PloneArticle to Folderish Document" in the collective.folderishtypes default profile for migrating PloneArticle objects to Folderish Document objects is provided. Note, this does not cover PloneArticleMultiPage at the moment.

How to migrate non-folderishtypes to folderish ones

Non-folderish content types are missing some btree attributes, which folderish content types have (See Products.BtreeFolder2.BTreeFolder2Base._initBtrees ). provides an upgrade view to migrate (or non-folderish) types to the new Btree based implementation (defined in:

To upgrade your non-folderish content types to folderish ones, just call @@migrate-btrees on your Plone site root, and you're done.


Tested with

Plone 4, Plone 5


  • Johannes Raggam <raggam-nl [at] adm [dot] at> (Author)
  • Robert Niederrreiter <rnix [at] squarewave [dot] at>
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