Allows alternative ordering on plone folders.
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Set order of Folders in Plone

Usally Plone folders are ordered by the creation order of the documents. This is what also can be sorted.

This add-on allows to set an alternative order for container types, i.e. folders. Selecting the new entry Order from the action dropdown show a form. Within the form one of the registered ordering methods can be selected. Theres are already adapters unordered and partial provided by plone.folder package. This package add an adapter reversed which just reverses the order provided by the default adapter.

Developers can easily add own adapters by providing plone.folder.interfaces.IOrdering for a given context which implements plone.folder.interfaces.IOrderableFolder.


Just depend in your buildout on the egg collective.folderorder. ZCML is loaded automagically with z3c.autoinclude.

Install it as an addon in Plone control-panel or portal_setup.

This package is written for Plone 4.1 or later.

Source Code and Contributions

If you want to help with the development (improvement, update, bug-fixing, ...) of collective.folderorder this is a great idea!

The code is located in the github collective.

You can clone it or get access to the github-collective and work directly on the project.

Maintainer is Jens Klein and the BlueDynamics Alliance developer team. We appreciate any contribution and if a release is needed to be done on pypi, please just contact one of us dev@bluedynamics dot com


Thanks to David Glick (aka davisagli) for the initial hint to use plone.folder.interfaces.IOrdering.