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This package contains package into cgwb, a web interface to generate full projects. Goal is to have:

  • a template for a classical egg

  • a template for a plone addon (plone3, 4, etc), policy and skins are just splitted copies around the addon.

    • must have a zope2 product initialization method

    • must support migrations profiles

    • must have all GenericSetup steps as commented snippets

    • must have a testing layer based on

    • must have CMF skin directories

    • must have a locales directory with po's and manual po's out of the box

    • must have a wrapper to i18ndude for translations

    • must have a zope3 browser layer well registered in plone

    • must have some snippets around to make quickly:

      • viewlets
      • portlets
      • browser views
      • dashboards
    • must have a zope3 browser resources directory

    • must have GenericSetup setup handlers wired

    • must integrate five.grok out of the box

    • must have buildouts for dev, stable and old stable plones (actually 42 41 40)

      • those buildouts contain any neccessary pins
  • a template for a plone policy (plone3, 4, etc)

  • a template for a plone skin (plone3, 4, etc)