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collective.geo.settings provides some utility to store settings of collective.geo packages.

Found a bug? Please, use the issue tracker.



This addon can be installed has any other addons, please follow official documentation.


General steps

If you are upgrading from an older version (see below), you may need to run upgrade steps. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Browse to portal_setup in the ZMI of your site
  2. Click onto the Upgrades tab
  3. Select collective.geo.settings:default from the drop-down list and click Choose Profile
  4. Observe any available upgrades and click the Upgrade button if any are present.

Version 0.2.2 and below

New configuration to be added to the portal configuration registry ( requires an upgrade step to be run. If you encounter errors like this:

Module collective.geo.settings.utils, line 8, in geo_settings
Module plone.registry.registry, line 74, in forInterface
KeyError: 'Interface `collective.geo.settings.interfaces.IGeoSettings` defines a field `map_viewlet_managers`, for which there is no record.'

you need to run the relevant upgrade step(s).


  • Giorgio Borelli - gborelli
  • Silvio Tomatis - silviot
  • David Beitey - davidjb
  • Gerhard Weis - gweis
  • Rob Gietema - robgietema
  • TsungWei Hu - l34marr
  • Leonardo J. Caballero G - macagua
  • Denis Krienbühl - href