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collective.inviting is an add-on for Plone that manages event invitations, confirmations, and attendance as stored, indexed relationships between users (members or guests) and event content items in a Plone site.

This package provides the following features:

  • Allow event content owners to manage invitations and retrospectively track attendance and confirmations (RSVPs).
  • Email invitations including iCal, vCal attachments and links to return to the event to confirm/RSVP.
  • Support both site members and guests (identifying with email) as parties who can be invited.
  • Builds upon collective.subscribe, a general purpose set of components for managing user relationships ("subscriptions") with content.
  • Users can change their confirmation status by re-visiting the confirmation link.
  • A simple hash/token is included in emailed URLs to prevent abuse.
  • Provides utility and adapter registrations for components in collective.subscribe for use in a Plone site.

Depends on collective.subscribe.


Author: Sean Upton <>

Copyright 2011, The University of Utah.

Released as free software under the GNU GPL version 2 license. See doc/COPYING.txt