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JQueryUI theme manager for Plone
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This add-on let you manage the jqueryui theme used in Plone.


  • Import a theme from a zip file built on
  • Import multiple themes from a zip file
  • Create or modify themes within the control panel
  • Load all default jqueryui themes in one click in the control panel
  • Delete selected themes
  • Update themes
  • External add-on can embed themes within a zope browser resource directory
  • Select a theme


This add-on use:

  • collective.js.jqueryui
  • collective.z3cform.colorpicker
  • plone.resource
  • plone.namedfile

File system versus data base

If a theme is imported, updated, or created within the control panel it is stored in the data base (in the portal_resources).

By default collective.js.jqueryui provide sunburst theme. This one is considered the default one.

You can provide a theme in your add-on by simply embed it in a zope browser resource directory as usual. You just need to register a named utility providing IThemesProvider interface. A default base class is shipped in, so you will just have to inherits from it and just change RESOURCE_NAME and THEME_IDS class variables.

If a theme exist on the filesystem and in the database, the database has precedence.

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