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collective.jsonify exports your Plone content to JSON.

Many packages that export data from Plone have complicated dependencies, and so only work with Plone 3.0 or higher (or not even with 3.0). collective.jsonify's only dependency is simplejson. It can be installed in any Plone version as far back as:

  • Plone 2.1 (or probably even Plone 2.0, but not tested)
  • Zope 2.6.4 (with CMF rather than Plone)
  • Python 2.2

The exported JSON is a collective.transmogrifier friendly format. Install collective.jsonify on a site you want to export from, and setup an import transmogrifier pipeline on the site you're importing to, using the blueprints in the collective.jsonmigrator package.

Alternatively use the provided export script by adding it to an external method as described in using the exporter.

For more information see the documentation.

Warning:This product may contain traces of nuts.
Author:Rok Garbas, migrating for you since 2008