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Update the target portlet to meaning title and description.

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1 parent 8f8c54f commit 06d5cb4349db2ceadc35093cf9e577640697a0b5 @ivanteoh ivanteoh committed Sep 14, 2012
@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@ Next you'd like to use this same publication date on your news item itself.
5. Add a ``Listing Portlet`` portlet to the left side using ``Manage porlets``.
6. Enter ``news-item`` as the Portlet header.
. Select ``News Item Info`` as the ``Listing views``.
-7. Left it black for the ``Root path``, then click ``Save``.
+7. Left it black for the ``Target``, then click ``Save``.
.. image::
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@@ -59,11 +59,11 @@ class IListingPortlet(IPortletDataProvider):
root = schema.Choice(
- title=_(u"label_listing_root_path", default=u"Root path"),
+ title=_(u"label_listing_root_path", default=u"Target"),
- default=u"You may search for and choose a folder "
- "to act as the root of the listing view. "
- "Leave blank to use this current path."),
+ default=u"Select an item to show the fields of that item; or "
+ "select a folder or collection to list the contents; or "
+ "leave blank to use the current item."),

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