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A fancy noticeboard for Plone inspired by
This Plone-Addon allow suser to transform folders or collections into a fancy noticeboard where users can add and modify postit-like notes.
Notes display the content of a content-type (by default News Items) and are editable in overlays.
Notes are draggable, resizeable and can change color.
In the configuration you can:
- select the default type used for notes
- select types that should be displayed
- enable adding notes by clicking on the canvas
- enable auto-publishing of notes
- select if notes should be hidden when the were not updated for a number of days
- display a link to a help-page
Items that were excluded from the navigation are not shown on the noticeboard (you might want to exclude the help-page).
collective.noticeboard works with Archetypes and Dexterity.
Add this line in the eggs section of your buildout.cfg::
eggs =
- collective.js.jqueryui
- collective.js.backbone
- collective.js.underscore
Editing in overlays works with the version of Products.TinyMCE shipped with Plone 4.x as well as with the latest version compatible with IE9 (>= 1.3b7)
Written by -
Sponsored by DIPF -
- Philip Bauer
- Patrick Gerken
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